Swimming lesson agreements

Course Pro gives our members a lot more flexibility in terms of booking and moving between lessons, plus the ability to see your child’s progress via an online members portal.

Please note: We have a 30-day cancellation notice and three-month minimum contract term.

Swimming Lesson Membership types

To enable this move you will need to ensure that you, or your child, is on the correct member type. See the table below to note which membership type you, or your child, should be on and follow the instructions below to sign up to the correct agreement. 

Membership Name For Swim Lessons Timings Monthly Fee
Swimming Lessons, 45 Min Lessons Adult Lessons 50 weeks per year £34.00
Swimming Lessons (Junior Lessons) Stages 1 to 7 Junior Coaching 50 weeks per year £23.40
Swimming Lessons (Pre-School) Ducklings 50 weeks per year £23.40