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At Barrow Park Leisure Centre, we’ve got something for everyone. Wherever you are on your journey to better health, fitness and wellness, we believe that we can help you all along the way.

Barrow Forward

Barrow Forward Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and a controlled company under Part V Local Government & Housing Act 1989 with Barrow Borough Council as its sole member.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing our local community with outstanding, affordable leisure, recreation and wellbeing facilities and activities to influence healthier, happier lifestyles across Barrow-in-Furness. We’re doing this through our Barrow Park Leisure Centre, opening our doors to the entire community, offering a welcoming, inclusive, accessible and enjoyable place to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Vision

As a caring and supportive not-for-profit organisation, we are committed to reducing health inequalities across our community, improving health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally for members and visitors of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

We are:

  • Inspiring – enthusing our community to live more active, healthier and happier lives.
  • Integrated – as a wellbeing hub for our community, our aim is to bring people together and create better lives through improved access to health, fitness and wellness services and facilities.
  • Accessible – our exciting range of cost-effective activities and services to our community make exercise and wellbeing accessible, fun and affordable.

Your questions answered

What is the new company called?

Barrow Forward Ltd 

Will there be any change to my membership?

No, there will be no change to your membership however, you will need to collect a new membership card from reception 

What is the website address?

What will my bank statement read for my Direct Debit?

 Barrow Forward Limited 

Will the opening hours remain the same?

Yes, Mon- Thu 06:00-22:00 Fri 06:00-20:00 Sat-Sun 08:00-17:00 

Is there an app and how can I download it?

Yes - available from early February on Google Play and Apple Store, you can search Barrow Forward to download.

Will my child’s swimming lessons stay the same day and time?

Yes, in the transfer all lessons will stay the same, however, they may change slightly in the future 

Will there be any changes to the swimming and class timetable?

No, there will not be any changes to the timetables for swimming or classes during this period, however, there may be small changes in the future 

Will there be any refurbishments within the centre particularly the wet changing rooms?

We are aware of the need to update the wet changing rooms. We will be working work to get these updated as soon as we can but do not have a date of when this will happen. 

Where will the profits go?

Barrow Forward Ltd is a not for profit organisation so if profits are made then they will be put back into the centre 

Will the staff be keeping their jobs?


Will the gym kit stay the same?

Yes, all equipment currently in the centre will be staying 

Our Vision